Complete refit of Black Amber

Blackamber came to us enquiring about a complete refit and rebuild of a commercial property in a very brief 6 week turnaround.  On first meeting there was a fantastic rapport and the project began. 

Bastion put together a schedule of works that honoured this deadline for the client and works began.  The client and Wayne were very dedicated in creating a very one-off salon.  Every detail in the salon was discussed.  The client needed the perfect lighting to create ambience but also a practical working area. 

On creating a reception counter Liam and Wayne worked to get the perfect material for the client to highlight the “Blackamber” name and as you can see from the photographs it works ideal.

Our team worked through the night to finish this project on time so the client could have a grand opening. This was a very exciting project with tight budget and timeline.

Black Amber

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